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Where do I start?

I’m the artist formerly known as Palz. In my young twenties, the passion I had for music came from going out around the New York club scene. I simply loved how music would bring all of these strangers together, who would all vibe out to the pumping four on the floor beats. I wasn’t long until I thought I could do what these people were doing. I didn’t come from a musical back round, I never played instruments, but I always had a stereo or headphones, and would listen to 90’s HipHop and dance music. By the age of 14 I had my first turntables, and would try to imitate artist, although I wasn’t very good. Years went by never thinking that I could do anything in the music industry. 

Technology started to change, amazing DAW programs, CDJs. I became intrigued again. Soon I was using drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers for hours upon hours. I wanted to learn more, so I attended Dubspot to learn production and arrangement through Ableton Live. After about a year, I attended SAE Institute in NYC, where I gained valuable knowledge in Audio Engineering, and had the privilege working on live sound boards such as the Neve and SSL. Learning this new skill propelled myself and partner to be signed by reputable record labels, such as Time Has Changed, YellowJax, Smash, and a full album with Nervous Records. Our dreams were coming to life!

Things started to take off with our DJ group “Palz & Garcia,” as well as our promotional company, NetwerQ Entertainment.  We had the pleasure in playing at hundreds of top venues, ranging from the Tri-State Area in NY and NJ, but also in cities like Miami for the music conference, Mexico for the BPM festival, Colombia, and LA. It was an amazing experience and would never trade it for anything else. However, things ended just as fast as they started. As I got older, I personally didn’t enjoy going out any more. I like to spend time learning new instruments and reading in general. Now in my 30’s I am finally a college graduate living in Florida pursuing a bachelor degree in Finance. 

I have the upmost respect for any artist who puts themselves out there and really tries to be recognized for both their talent and work. Whenever I can find time, I produce House Music and HipHop for the pure enjoyment of creating something from nothing. I think the best part about music is that once it’s made, it’s made to out live you, and will continue to be heard by generations, so don’t rush it. I will never stop loving the art of production, DJ’ing maybe a part of my life that’s over, but who knows what could happen. The purpose of this site is just to share my music and story with the world in hopes to make some one dance and learn something about the music industry through my blog. Working on an album as well, check back for exclusive clips. Thank you all for your continued support!

Michael Paladino

A.S. Business Administration / Audio Engineer / Producer / Remixer / DJ

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